Rum Punch House: A Carribean-Inspired Oasis



Rum Punch House: A Carribean-Inspired Oasis
Featuring Robert Deutschman

Husband and wife Robert Deutschman and Sybile Kohn-Deutschman recently completed renovations on their ranch-style home in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Deutschman, a fashion photographer, and Kohn-Deutschman, a designer and stylist, created their home to reflect a strong Caribbean aesthetic with a vibrant use of color.

“My wife sourced all the tiles from an amazing company near LA caled ARTO, and I personally put every one of the screws in the beautiful Kebony paths and decks.”
-Robert Deutschman

The home was built in 1953, and is a 5,000 square-foot two story property that sits on a half-acre. The Deutschmans designed the renovated home themselves and built it without a general contractor. They pushed out one section of the house, moved walls, and raised ceilings to reconfigure a majority of the interior. Even the cabinetry and carpentry work was completed largely by the homeowners.

“When we design and build a property, we draw from all the places we have been and the cultures that most influence our lives.”

Deutschman and Kohn-Deutschman have worked together for over twenty years, and much of that time has included traveling. The inspiration they have drawn from their travels is evident in the design of their home. It has an eclectic look, and features art made by themselves, family, and friends. In addition to the renovations to the main home, the couple also added two buildings outside. Buddhism is very important to them, so one of the buildings is a prayer and meditation room. The other is a pool house that reflects design elements of all their favorite Caribbean beach bars. While the pool was already on the property when Deutschman and Kohn-Deutschman purchased it, it needed to be updated. They altered the shape and resurfaced the pool with a dark blue that gives it a pond-like feel.

Kebony modified wood was selected for the pool deck and the paths that lead there from the house. The idea to use Kebony came from the beautifully aged dove-grey boardwalks in the dunes of the East Coast. They were intentional about selecting a material that would not retain its original color, but would instead age and weather gracefully.

Now that the space is complete, the couple intends to rent the house as a film location on occasion, due to its beautiful lighting and structure.

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