American Builder’s Brian Gurry Completes a Kebony Deck



American Builder, with television personality Brian Gurry, completed their first deck using the new Step-Clip system for Kebony. The team, excited to try out the new hidden fastener system in combination with a wood decking they’ve used before and love, talked after on the simplicity and ease of the system. Brian Gurry commented, “At the end of the day it was 2-3 times faster for sure. I’m never going to nail [Kebony] again, I’m a fan all the way around. The deck looks like a million bucks!”

The Step-Clip for Kebony system uses easy to install strips along with custom profiled Kebony deck boards to minimize the time and labor spent surfacing decks. First, strips are placed directly onto the joists with a pneumatic nail gun. Each strip is designed to not only protect the top of the joists, eliminating the need for joist protection tape, but also properly spaces each deck board. Once the strips are properly laid, the installer simply steps on the Kebony deck boards to snap them into place, making installation simple, easy and fast.