Kebony Deck Board Wins in The Architect’s Newspaper’s Best of Products Awards



The Architect’s Newspaper has announced the winners of the 2020 Best of Products Awards, this year naming winners, honorable mentions, and editor’s picks in 31 total categories. Kebony Deck Board was named the winner in the Outdoor Finishes and Surfaces category, and we couldn’t be more grateful for this award.

Kebony Deck Board is a bestseller due to its versatility and ease of installation. The boards can be secured with four types of fasteners so you can easily secure your deck no matter which fastening method is chosen. While the installation process is simple and quick, the visual appeal of the finished product is equally impressive.

The following 4 installation options can be used with Kebony Deck Board:

Step-Clip for Kebony

The Step-Clip for Kebony method is the fastest of the four installation options. It provides automatic and consistent deck board spacing for the installer, and the boards can be easily replaced if needed.

Pro Plug System for Kebony

The Pro Plug System features hidden fasteners with a strength that can contend face fasteners. The plugs are made from Kebony’s face grain, so they perfectly match the surface of the deck. In addition, the patented Pro Plug® tool pre-drills and counterbores simultaneously to ensure a perfect fit when fastening boards. The Kebony installation kit includes screws, plugs, glue nozzles, and drill bits. For those who select this installation method, be sure to keep screws at least 1 inch from the ends and edges of the boards to ensure the most durable result.

Fastenator Hidden Fasteners

Fastenator Hidden Fasteners are the ideal selection when resurfacing or creating diagonal and herringbone deck patterns. Like the Step-Clip, the Fastenator Fasteners provide automatic and consistent deck board spacing for an easy install. Another benefit to this installation method is that stainless steel screws are already pre-loaded in the clips for simple and efficient fastening.

Face Fastened

The final option for installing Kebony Deck Board is using the Face Fastened method. This option ensures boards are well-secured to the joist. If this is your chosen method of installation, the following tips may help with the process. Pre-drilling holes prior to fastening the boards and using stainless steel screws will yield the best results. Additionally, it is best to keep screws at least 1 inch from the ends and edges of the boards, and to ensure the screws are flush with the top of the deck board before securing. This will help to maintain a smooth and safe surface when installation is complete.

We are proud that so many are finding success with our 4-in-1 deck board profile, and look forward to helping many others install their modified wood decking projects!

Read the article in The Architect’s Newspaper including the winners in all 31 categories here: